New Ways 4 Families Online Co-parenting High Conflict Class


by New Ways for Families®


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This 12-Session class includes practicing the 4 Big Skills of New Ways for Families® to manage many difficult situations during separation or divorce - PLUS, loads of additional information to help parents navigate changing family relationships inside and outside of family court – especially during a potentially high-conflict divorce, including anger management issues.

Divorce/separation is one of the most difficult times a family can experience. It's important to make this transition in the best way possible for you and your children. Research shows that high-conflict divorce and custody disputes have a life-long negative impact on children. Learning the New Ways skills now will allow for a positive future co-parenting relationship between you and the other parent, which is in the best interest of your children.

This twelve session co-parenting course is designed to help you be the best parent you can be under the circumstances you are in. It can be helpful to any parent, but it specifically covers issues for parents going through a separation or divorce, and it will especially help you manage or avoid high-conflict issues.

The skills taught in this course helps you to protect your children from conflict as your family reorganizes and will help reduce your stress as you gain confidence in managing your relationship with the other parent

In this course you will learn these 4 important skills:

  • Flexible Thinking: recognizing that there is more than one solution to every problem; learn to make proposals to the other parent in a way that is likely to elicit a positive response back
  • Managed Emotions: learn and practice managing your emotions (sadness, anger, fear, anxiety) so as to not over-react or take things personally, and not to pass on those feelings to your children
  • Moderate Behaviors: avoiding extreme actions that are likely to result in an extreme emotion or behavior by the other parent
  • Check Yourself: learn to remind yourself to use these skills when making decisions with a co-parent

Bill Eddy guides you through this course in a supportive way, helping you understand the importance of each skill and providing terrific examples of how to use these skills with your co-parent. We recognize that there is not necessarily a "good" or "bad" parent and this course is meant to assist both parents in developing a better co-parenting relationship. It is not meant to point out flaws in your parenting.

These classes were developed by Bill Eddy, the president of the High Conflict Institute and the developer of the New Ways for Families® method, which has been used by Family Court systems as well as counselors, lawyers and families out of court. It is based on his twelve years of experience as a child and family counselor, and twenty-one years of experience as a family lawyer.